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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Times moves inevitably - backwards

That irritating Standard to Daylight back and forth! Change is technically at 2 am but why wait? I've already done the official reset. After very insistent cat kept waking me up all night (but not enough to toss him out of the room and shut the door), I slept in a lot later than I intended - so it now being an hour earlier, I feel an hour less guilty!  Don't know about everyone else whose lives are governed by a tick-tock, but 2 of my clocks are 10 minutes fast, the clock in my office is 5 minutes fast, the one in the living room runs about 1 minute slow per week so time is always generally relative, and I'm always hitting the change time button when I am aiming at the snooze alarm - so that one gets frequently reset already.

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