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Saturday, April 9, 2011

I got a MVP award!

A Municipal Volunteer Program award certificate signed by our Mayor, that is. I trust that EVERY city volunteer received one! Privately, I also received one of 3 or 4 Certificates of Appreciation signed by Fire Chief Don Crowson (far right) for our volunteer work with the Office of Emergency Management and Community Emergency Response Team. My second year in a row! OEM/CERT and other city department volunteers for Super Bowl XLV were called to the stage and thanked by the Fire Chief. News article on City's website! A beautiful, if windy and warm, morning was topped off when I accidentally won the final raffle item: a large Gift Basket from the Arlington Animal Services full of very nice doggie items such as Oster clippers, tennis balls, etc. This was announced while I was chatting with the woman who heads volunteers services. I never win anything, so I wasn't even paying attention. She was saying something jokingly about it being won by someone without a dog. The number was called a second time. Ooops!! I have cats. I quickly passed forward the doggie paw print blanket to a woman asking Animal Services Volunteers where they had found it. For today at least I'm keeping the stuffed doggie with white cowgirl booties which plays Patsy Cline's "I'm Crazy." She makes a lovely CPU attendant. What my daughter, who has 4 dogs, doesn't need or want [she said to give them to someone who needs them], and perhaps Patsy the Puppy, I will give back to the Animal Services Volunteers. Catch-up with my volunteer activities during the past 6 months and during the Super Bowl on my Adventures of an Emergency Management Volunteer blog!


Silverlotus said...

Wow! You had a really great day. Congratulations, and well done.

zarina said...

Congratulations Linda. Here, we do not have such thing (I think) but there are some from private institutions.