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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Prairie Schooler Stitching

It's been months since I stitched anything, but when the new Prairie Schooler releases came out a couple of weeks ago I was off to LNS to purchase October. Kathy at Stitch Niche was already sold out and was reordering. So I brought home a February release: Signs of Spring. I loved the little mini card! I quickly discovered my eyes just would NOT handle the symbols used and ended up just recharting them so I could see the dern symbols. My Group vent ended up with a reply from Nancy about symbols being her bugaboo. I can understand her dilemma, but for me it was a NECESSITY. I've already stitched rooster, chicken and ducks. I think I'll do the sheep, or maybe the double rabbits, but I'm not fond of the bigger rabbits. I'm stitching on 14ct aida that must be a blush. I've had it soooo long I haven't a clue. I'd stitched the minicard back in February on that and it looks nice. Not particularly happy with the newest results, but I'm not starting over at this point. I've discovered that even the slightest bit of stitching is killing both hands, which is likely why after a surge of stitching in January & February, I haven't stitched anything since. Now that I've found the memory card reader, I can start uploading some photos - at last! There's a new freebie on the PS site - the 2008 minicard Snowman.

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