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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well, SOME data recovered

but not much. Whatever it may be fits on a 4.7GB DVD disk. Only I don't have a DVD drive. My Dad volunteered to transfer to CD's for me. I bought a new hard drive (the smallest readily available these days is 160GB, replacing a 40GB drive which was only 1/2 full to start with), and while I'm sure I can I still haven't sat down to install it. I think just the thought of having to format then reinstall whatever programs I have has me just too depressed. I had to do this once before a LONG time ago, rebuilding the entire computer from mother board up. At the time I told everyone I'd learned more about computers than I ever wanted to!! And it was just a 100MB model. I think I dread really finding out just how much I HAVE lost. I'm told there are a lot of .jpgs and some things the guy didn't recognize, so I'm hoping my calendar stuff and all my Pattern Matter files are still there. Did I mention that I had all my business and financial files on there as well. Since I'm a lawyer, or have been for far too long, all of my form files, many client files, etc. and if I have to retype 40 page divorce decrees and all that verbage that goes in a will and trust ... you will hear me SCREAMING!!

I'm really sick to my tummy over this!

But on the I guess "bright side" I'll be helping at the EOC (Emergency Operations Center at the Office of Emergency Management) on Sunday for the NBA All Star Game. Will be interesting, though  my shift is 6am til noon. Doubt I'll be answering THAT many phone calls for them. Trying to decide whether to just stay up all night or go to bed really early!

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