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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Beautiful Sunday - I love pansies!!

Today was a beautiful 68, almost cloudless skies ... and seemed like everyone was out shopping or working in the yard!! After taking Mom to church and visiting for a bit, I checked out Home Depot hoping to find pansies and a poinsettia at a good price. Not yet. Then drove a couple of blocks to Calloways where I found a 30% off sale AND the very same varieties pictured as my header for $1.11 as well as a couple of new colors to try. The one on the left is Matrix Morpheus. Reminds me of very big Johnny- Jump-Up. (I love those happy little guys as well.) The one in the middle Matrix Blotch Colossus, and the one on the right is Matrix Sunrise, the variety seen in the header, which I was so happy to find. I keep wanting to call it a Tequila Sunrise. VBG.  I also got a solid velvety deep purple similar to the other pansy in the header. Colossus and Sunrise I planted in the same 18" round container (they may need to be separated), the purple sits in a window box shaped planter right beside them, and the Morpheus is by itself in a pot near the front porch. I suspect it will need to be moved to a sunnier area. When they finally got enough sun last year, the pansies bloomed and bloomed, only giving up when the temps neared 100 and the plants were so leggy and the blooms so little, it was time to give up - watering on a daily basis would have probably kept them healthier a week or two more, but when it hit 104 .... These current plants have 3"+ blooms!! Then a block further to PetsMart where the bettas were 25% off, so I came home with a gold one this time, and Purina One cat food for $2 less than Walmart as well. What I really wanted was a new puppy dog. Better sense prevailed, so it was a new betta instead. Before I even walked in the house, I dug the weeds out of the previous containers, added fertilizer and planted pansies! I finally fetched betta from top of car and came in house. He's still waiting for water temps to equalize before he gets his new home. Sam Too, the blue one, keeps eyeing the empty vase! This one is Sunny. Perfect weather for a tiny bit of gardening and a tropical fish!

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